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■Company Name       Okinaya Sohonpo Co., Ltd.

■Year of Establishment  1865

■President                 Masanao Hayashi

■Address                 38  Mitono-machi, Gifu-shi, Gifu-ken,

Japan 500-8182

■TEL                           +81-58-262-0988

■FAX                           +81-58-262-0989

■E-mail                   okinaya@ccn.aitai.ne.jp

■Business Hours           9:00~18:30

■Shop Holidays          Thursdays 


OKINAYA is a family-run specialty shop for traditional Japanese sweets called “Wagashi”. For over one hundred and forty years, we have been dedicated to the development of Japanese culture by producing graceful and exquisite wagashi.

Firstly, we are particular about the quality of the sweets. Therefore, we strictly select ingredients to be used for our products. We purchase beans, for example, from Kyoto and Hokkaido that are famous for growing quality azuki beans.

Secondly, we emphasize the small-lot and hand-made production style in order to maintain originality and creativity. We believe this style can set us aside from other shops and hope that you will feel the warmth of the craftsman’s heart while savoring the sweets.

Thirdly, as Wagashi confectioners, we believe we carry a certain degree of responsibility to introduce our culture to the world in order to promote international exchanges as well as handing it down to the next generation. We provide a Wagashi-making tour for foreign guests hoping that we will be able to showcase the essence of the Japanese culture through Wagashi.

The traditional Japanese sweets have been developed together with the tea ceremony and elevated to the comprehensive art of the human five senses. We look forward to ushering you into the world of Wagashi and Japanese culture with our sweets.



Okinaya purchases quality azuki beans produced in Hokkaido and Kyoto because their climate conditions are best suitable for growing azuki beans. Producing “an (sweetened azuki bean paste)” is crucial part of Wagashi-making as it determines the taste and flavor of Wagashi. It is very time-consuming and in order to ensure the consistent quality, we need to constantly remain concentrated on the conditions of the bean paste as it tends to be affected by changes in weather conditions, temperature, moisture levels, etc. Everyday, we devote ourselves to producing the best “an” ever.