Wagashi for Autumn


We are beginning to see some signs of autumn approaching. We can now feel a cool breeze in the evening although it’s still hot and humid during the day. Preparing for various sweets reflecting the upcoming autumn, we have just begun to sell “Kuri-kinton” (chestnuts-based sweet, one of the most popular types of Wagashi in autumn) today!



Namagashi (fresh sweet):
Kikyo (balloon flower), Kuri-kinton, and Kise-nishiki (chrysanthemum flower with morning dew)



Han-namagashi (semi-dried sweet)
Gyuhi (sweetened rice cake stuffed with sweetened bean paste), Yuzu (Japanese citron)-flavored Gyuhi, and Yomogi (kind of Chinese herb)-flavored Gyuhi
Iori-no-tsuki (moon seen from a thatched hut): Gyuhi sandwiched in between Mochi (rice cake) crackers

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