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October 1st

Our sweets were served for the Emperor and Empress when their majesties came to Gifu to attend the opening ceremony for the Gifu National Athletic Meet!!

Sep. 25th

September 22nd was the day of “Shubun” or Autumnal Equinox” under the 24 sekki (seasonal divides) calendar. Around this time of the year, Buddhist temples hold special services and people pay a visit to their ancestors’ graves. Many schools conduct their athletic meets and a large number of local festivals are held everywhere in Japan.
Gifu City is also hosting “Nobunaga-Matsuri” on October 6th a…
nd 7th this year, Gifu’s signature festival dedicated to Oda Nobunaga, one of the most popular feudal lords who almost unified Japan during the Warring States Period back in the 16th century. You will see a procession of feudal lords riding on horseback through the streets of downtown Gifu. Our shopping street, “Mitono-machi” will also be holding an autumn festival on the same days with a lot of shops and stands offering various food, services, and events. We look forward to seeing you then but don’t forget to stop by our shop to savor our special autumn sweets as well!!


Sep. 8th

Yesterday was the day of “Hakuro”or white dew, one of 24 seasonal terms used to indicate the changing of the seasons in a solar year. Wagashi confectioners often refer to these 24 seasonal divides when designing sweets because it is very important for Wagashi to reflect the sense of the season. Around the Hakuro day, they say the atmosphere gradually cools down and dew starts to appear but it seems that this seasonal indicator does not necessarily fit the recent weather cycle.
We have finally started to sell Kuri-kinton, one of the most popular Wagashi in the fall made from chestnuts. Our Kuri-kinton is uniquely shaped with high quality white bean paste added to domestically-grown chestnuts. This combination improves the flavor and taste of our Kuri-kinton.
We look forward to your visit to experience this mouth-watering delight!



Sep. 4th

It’s September already! We can finally feel a cool breeze early in the morning and at night. This month we celebrate the Choyo Festival (Sep. 9) also known as the Chrysanthemum festival. It’s customary for us to hold traditional events on 5 fixed days of the year including that day based on the lunar calender. Around the Choyo Festival day, chrysanthemum doll festivals and
chrysanthemum fairs are held across the country.
Okinaya is currently making sweets such as those in the shape of chrysanthemum and those made from chesnuts (yes, it’s also the Kuri season!) If you would like to feel the sense of the fall, visiting a Wagashi store (especially ours!!) is definitely the best choice!!


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